United States

Steven Kidwell, Vice President of Design - Chippenhook Corp.

"In the design and manufacturing of jewelry display products, it is crucial to use durable and reliable fabrics. Charisma is one of my favorite suede fabrics to use. Not only is Charisma durable, but also it is available in a spectrum of colors that accommodates almost every visual merchandising need. Because the product is so well made and is fade-resistant, we are able to retrofit stores that have had Charisma for years with new product, and the match is perfect. In today’s market, that’s gold. Working with Fifield is always a pleasure. The customer service is top notch, and the response to our requests is quick and professional. Fifield sets a standard that is difficult to match."

Mike Wharton , Senior Vice President of Retail Displays and Fixtures - Pacific Northern

In today’s business climate, you need more than just suppliers; you need “partners” that you can count on. Fifield has partnered with us on many hurried projects and they always share our dedication and sense of urgency towards the timeline of the end user! They have also focused on our need for a less expensive fabric that is readily available in Asia, but still holds the high testing standards of the Italian made Vienna. Fifield’s introduction of Integrity helped us off set some of the ever rising costs of doing business and helped minimize cost increases passed on to our customers. With world class products such as Charisma, Vienna, Elite and Integrity, Fifield provides great solutions to visual merchandising and display requirements.

Phil Profitt, Group Visual Merchandise Manager - Aurum Holdings Limited

Fifield Fabrics is the leading supplier for Aurum Holdings Ltd (Goldsmiths the Jewellers, Mappin & Webb and Watches of Switzerland). The expertise and service by Ed and his team is second to none. Fifield Fabrics have all the qualities needed for use on our display components and shop fittings. Their materials provide the durability and look we need, which in turn reflects our Brands and what they stand for in the UK marketplace. From small projects to large roll outs, sample materials to stock product, they are there to help, advise and support. A great company, great products, great service.

United Kingdom

Mark Wallis, Display Production Controller - Signet Group PLC

Signet Group has been purchasing fabric from Fifield for more than 10 years, over which time both companies have built up excellent relationships. Fifield™ has put a lot of time and commitment in helping us develop various new fabric schemes and has always delivered the goods. We are based in the UK and no matter how big or small the order; there has never been a problem with the shipments. We look forward to many more years of business together.


Lic. Mariana Valencia, General Director - Any’s Disenos especiales, SA de CV

For us it is a pleasure to work with Fifield Inc’s products available through Contry SA de CV, Exclusive Distributor for the Republic of Mexico. We prefer these products because of their high quality and the variety in textiles and colors that they offer us.

Carlos Guzman, Director - Contry , SA de CV (Exclusive Distributor in Mexico)

The quality of the products that Fifield Inc. offers and the support that I have always received as their Representative and Exclusive Distributor for the Republic of Mexico, has motivated us to work along with them to become leaders of the products that the industry of jewelry accessories demands. Fifield Inc. has also supported us in opening other markets that can use these products such as the Arts & Craft industry in Mexico. Taking advantage of this mutual support, little by little, we are achieving more success, which has been reflected in the comments of our friends and customers.

Diseños y Estuches, SA de CV

It is comforting to work with a company such as Contry SA de CV, Exclusive Distributor of Fifield Inc. in Mexico, that offers us not only the best material to manufacture our jewelry accessories, but also the best customer service and consulting.

El Salvador

Hermogenes Alvarado, Purchasing Manager - Specialty Products, SA de CV

"We have been working with Fifield Inc. for a long time, and every day we feel that the relation has grown stronger because every shipment that we receive fill our expection of Delivery on Time and Quality".