Fifield Environmental Statement

Fifield Inc has been constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint. In the early 90's we started to successfully recycle 100% of our cardboard/corrugated waste. After moving to our current facility we worked with the power company to replace the warehouse lighting with energy efficient lights. Internally we are recycling all cans, plastic bottles and a majority of our white paper. We purchase envelopes made from recycled paper. Our suppliers are being asked to develop more environmentally responsible products where it is possible.

VIENNA STYLES - Our factory spent millions of dollars in the early 1990's on water and air cleaning equipment to become ISO 14001 certified. This certification pertains to environmental management systems and we are proud to be one of the few factories in Europe and Asia to have it. The major pollutant involved in making coagulated polyurethane is a solvent. Because of the special equipment that is used, we are able to clean all the water used in the production and recover 99 percent of the solvent, lowering the amount discharged and possible pollution. The solvent is then reused over and over reducing the amount we purchase which lowers freight costs and pollution. We also clean the air to reduce our emissions. Our factory utilizes methane to fuel our power plant reducing the need for fossil fuels. When there is excess power, it is sold to nearby villages and towns. Vienna is mostly shipped by sea freight which is one of the most fuel efficient modes of transportation.

FLANNEL - For our flannel products we use 100 percent US grown cotton which is a natural fiber. Our processing plant has a water treatment facility on site to capture and use retreated water. Only dyes and chemicals which are environmentally friendly are used and the plant meets both air and waste water requirements mandated by Federal, State and Local legislation. The plant practices recycling of all materials.