Fifield Inc. has been the leading fabric product manufacturer since 1924. We have a wide range of fabric materials you can choose from to fulfill your needs. We strive to help the packaging and display industries by providing fabrics of any kind. May it be premium leather, leather, suede, velvet, or flannel, you can find it here. We aim to make it easier for you to acquire any fabric material you need.

You can find the perfect fabric with our help. All of these are made of nothing but quality materials. Here, we offer cost-effective solutions with our quality fabric production process. 

Therefore, we produce products with attention to the company's high standards of quality and service and to make them available to all international markets. Now, you can choose from an extensive range of brands, such as Charisma to Inspirations Echo.

Premium Leather

Shop our list of Premium leather products, made for luxurious and high-quality products:

  • Vienna: The oldest and most requested from the premium leather range due to its proven quality and durability.
  • Elite: Known for its soft hand and unique texture.
  • Inspiration: The newest from the range, which was recently introduced, features a variety of colors and textures.


Under the leather category, two premier lines are available: Integrity and Lantau.

  • Integrity: Integrity is a leatherette primarily used for jewelry displays. It comes in 19 colors and has good lightfastness and durability. It's available in Integrity, Integrity Summit, and Integrity Technos.
  • Lantau: The Lantau line comprises Lantau, Lantau Ostrich, Lantau Cork, Lantau Distressed, Lantau Metallic, Lantau Ice, Lantau Symmetry, Lantau Reptile, and Lantau Lodge. It's also available in 44 colors, and it's also durable.


Suede leather materials are perfect for any application, including museum display pieces, and jewelry displays. It's composed of a high-end suede line called Charisma.

  • Charisma: It has the look and feels of an authentic suede material. There are 36 different colors available. Ideal use for this fabric is for jewelry, medical and personal leather goods markets. 


The velvet line from Fifield consists of five products: Soiree, Rich-vel, Fi-vel nonwoven, and Economy Kraft.

  • Soiree: This velvet fabric looks and feels like real velvet. It comes in 12 colors. The material has a good mark resistance and doesn't fray.
  • Rich-vel: An economical flocked velvet, Rich-vel is available in four colors. It may be easily sewn and glued together. Ideal for the jewelry industry use for covering displays and packaging.
  • Fi-vel nonwoven & Economy Kraft: These fabrics are black and glued to flat surfaces to give an impression of velvet.


The flannel fabrics are Ipswich Flannel, Glendale Flannel, Kenized Silvercloth, and Glendale Polish Cloth, all made with 100% U.S.-grown cotton. They will never tarnish, and the water used in dyeing meets all EPA standards and are designed for jewelry and silver storage and polishing.

  • Ipswich Flannel: Comes in 12 colors and is double-napped.
  • Glendale Flannel: Lighter in weight, double-napped, and available in two colors.
  • Kenized Silvercloth: Double-napped prevents tarnish and is available in 11 colors.
  • Glendale Polish Cloth: Double-napped and comes in two colors. It removes tarnish and dirt from gold and silver.

Fabrics that feel as good as it looks 

Fifefield, Inc. has many high-quality fabrics available to fulfill your needs. Whether you're searching for a flannel fabric or premium leather, we have them in multiple lines and colors.

Contact us today if you're having difficulty determining which is perfect for the application you want. We can guide you every step of the way so you end up with the ideal choice.