The Fifield flannel line is composed of Ipswich Flannel, Glendale Flannel, Kenized Silvercloth and Glendale Polish Cloth. Each product is made with 100 percent U.S. grown cotton. None of our flannel products will cause tarnish. Cotton is renewable and recyclable. U.S. grown cotton has a smaller carbon footprint on transportation. All are non-toxic to the environment. The water used in dyeing meets all EPA standards.

Ipswich flannel is double napped and comes in 12 stock colors.

Glendale flannel is double napped, lighter in weight and comes in 2 stock colors.

Kenized Silvercloth, is double napped will prevent tarnish and comes in 11 stock colors.

Glendale Polish Cloth, is double napped, comes in two stock colors and will remove tarnish and dirt from gold and silver.

All flannel lines are made with 100% U.S. grown cotton. 

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  1. Glendale Flannel
  2. Glendale Polish Cloth
  3. Ipswich Flannel
  4. Kenized SilverShield

4 Items

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