Integrity is comprised of Integrity, Integrity Summit and Integrity Technos.  

Integrity is a leatherette which is used primarily to make jewelry displays. It is stocked in 18 stock colors and the fabric has good lightfastness and durability.

Lantau line is comprised of Lantau, Lantau Ostrich, Lantau Cork, Lantau Distressed, Lantau Metallic, Lantau Ice, Lantau Symmetry, Lantau Reptile and Lantau Lodge. It is offered in 44 colors and has excellent durability

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  1. Integrity Summit
  2. Integrity Technos
  3. Integrity by Fifield ®
  4. Lantau Cork
  5. Lantau Distressed
  6. Lantau Ice
  7. Lantau
  8. Lantau Lodge
  9. Lantau Metallic
  10. Lantau Ostrich
  11. Lantau Reptile
  12. Lantau Symmetry

12 Items

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