The Fifield velvet line consists of Soiree, Rich-vel, Fi-vel non-woven and Fi-Vel paper.

Soiree has the look and feel of real velvet. Soiree comes in 13 stock colors and the material will not fray.

Rich-vel is our economical flocked velvet which is stocked in 8 colors and can be easily glued and sewn. Both Soiree and Rich-vel are widely used in the jewelry industry for covering displays and packaging.

We also stock Fi-vel non-woven and Fi-Vel paper in black. Both fabrics can be glued to flat surfaces to give the impression of velvet.

Rich-Vel, Fi-Vel and Fi-Vel paper are all made in the U.S.A.

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  1. Fi-Vel Non Woven
  2. Fi-Vel paper
  3. RichVel
  4. Soiree

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