Glendale Flannel

Similar in quality to Ipswich, Glendale is a narrower, lighter weight, double-napped flannel that is less expensive at approx. 3.75 oz. per square yard.

Made with 100% cotton


Made from Cotton which is renewable and recyclable.

If the cotton is grown here in the U.S. there is a smaller carbon footprint on transportation.


All are approved as non-toxic to the environment.

Water used in dyeing is clean to meet all EPA standards.


As low as $6.50 per yard
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End use Brand Packaging, Chest Lining, Fabric Conversion, Giftware Packaging, Jewelry Packaging and Padding, Packaging Material, Packaging Pads, Plush Toys, Polishing Cloths, Pouches, Silver Storage, Stuffed Animals, Stuffed Toys
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Roll size 100.00 yards (91.44 m)
Roll width 46.00 in (1168.40 mm)
Roll weight 32.00 (pounds/roll)